Employee Holiday Fund

November 2021

Dear fellow Allegheny HYP Club Members:

Many years ago, the Board of Governors established the holiday custom of rewarding the Club’s employees, who have enjoyed serving you throughout the year, through Member contributions to the Allegheny HYP Club Employee Holiday Fund. Your contributions offer you the opportunity and the preferred method to express your appreciation for our employees’ service. Your contribution to the Holiday Fund also assures an equitable and practical distribution among all Allegheny HYP Club employees. We kindly invite you to participate in this fund to help promote a sense of pride among the staff and provide a brighter Holiday Season for all.

The amount of each Member’s contribution rests solely with the individual Member. Should you elect to contribute to the Holiday Fund, please EMAIL or call the office at 412-281-5858. You may elect to contribute in the form of a check or request billing to your next statement. (Please note: It is never too late to contribute! We will distribute contributions received during or after our customary Holiday closure early in the new year as a second payment to employees.)

Your gift is deeply appreciated by all employees, and it aids the Club in building a permanent, highly motivated staff. 

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Wesley Posvar, President, Board of Governors,
on behalf of the Allegheny HYP Club Board of Governors